Rebates & Tax Credits

California Rebates

The rebates are applicable for the lease or purchase of a new electric car. Rebates are also available for electric motorcycles. These rebates are not related to your taxes. Go to the Clean Vehicle Project website for details..  

Lower electricity rates

Lower electicity rates for households with EVs are also available from PG&E and the CCAs. These non-tiered, time-of-use rates apply to the entire household electric bill and can result in a significant savings for EV drivers. The cost per kilowatt hour varies based on when the electricity is being used. For example, it costs much less to charge your car during the night. Both PG&E and CCA customers can sign up at the PG&E website.  

Clean Fuel Rebate

You may qualify for an instant rebate for each electric car leased or purchased and registered in California. Go to Clean Fuel Rebate for details.

Federal Tax Credits - $7,500

Tax credits of up to $7500 for purchasing some plug-in vehicles are available. Consult your CPA for details on how these credits will apply to your situation.