What We Do

We encourage drivers to choose electric cars because electric cars:

  • Are fun to drive!
  • Cost much less to drive.
  • Offer better perfomance.
  • Provide superior handling.
  • Help to solve the climate crisis.
  • Can be charged at home while you sleep.
  • Don’t require ever going to a gas station.

Want to know all about Electric Cars?

GGEVA members have been driving electric cars for two decades.  Contact us to talk with drivers who have experience with the models you are considering.  They will be happy to tell you what they love about their cars.

GGEVA holds monthly meetings, presents electric vehicle test drive events, and collaborates with other non-profits and government agencies to share information about the benefits of electric cars.

Help solve the climate crisis!

YOU can make a real difference in slowing the climate crisis! Gas and diesel vehicles are the largest source of climate change causing greenhouse gases.

Replacing your gas or diesel car now with an electric car is the most effective step you can take to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. You'll save money and have more fun driving!

Download 7 reasons why you should replace your gas car with an electric car as soon as you can.

Speakers on Electric Cars

Golden Gate Electric Vehicle Association members are available to deliver presentations on the driving experience, cost savings, charging details, and climate crisis benefits of driving electric. Contact us for details.