New Electric Cars Available in the San Francisco Bay Area*

*Golden Gate Electric Vehicle Association promotes electric vehicles of all types but it does not endorse any particular manufacturers, brands, dealers, or vehicles. This information  is provided to assist EV drivers to learn more about the choices available.  It’s important to shop around.  Dealers may offer different lease and purchase prices that are often lower than prices quoted on websites.   Click on the images below to learn about the cars.

GGEVA members drive all of these cars and bring many of them to our meetings.   GGEVA members are happy to share their experience with their electric cars.   Join us at our meetings or contact us to learn more about these cars.

BMW i3

Fiat 500e

Volkswagen e-Golf

Nissan LEAF

Kia Soul EV

smart Electric Drive

Tesla Model S

Tesla Model 3

Chevrolet Bolt

Honda Clarity Electric

Jaguar I-PACE

Tesla Model X

Electric Car Registrations

                         Sept 2015       March 2016       Sept 2016      March 2017     Sept 2017     March 2018      Sept 2018    March 2019

Marin County          1,829              2,144                2,466               2887             3252              3682              4242           5183

San Francisco         2,841              3,240                 3,722               4260             4780              5605              6702

Source: California DMV

A variety of used electric cars are also available in the Bay Area.   Many of these cars are priced very affordably.

Check out online sources as well as local dealers.  

Audi etron

Hyundai Kona Electric