Better Driving Experience

- Fun to drive - Electric vehicles offer an overall better driving experience than internal combustion engine vehicles.

- Fast Acceleration - Electric motors provide high torque so EVs accelerate quickly.

- Superior handling - The weight distribution and responsiveness of electric cars contribute to better handling than gas cars.

- Regenerative Braking - The motor is used to slow the car and add electricity back into the battery.  This reduces brake wear and increases the efficiency of the car.

- Autonomous Driving Features - Self driving features and driver safety assist features are available on many EVs.

- Connected entertainment and Internet - Most EVs include high tech entertainment and connectivity systems.

- Smooth - Very litte vibration and no jerk from shifting.

- Quiet - Very little engine noise.

- Odorless - No gas or oil fumes.

Cost Less to Drive

- Electricity is much cheaper than gasoline or diesel.  The electricity cost for a typical electric car driven 1000 miles per month is roughly $30 per month if the car is charged at night on the EV rate.

- Tax credits and rebates are available for leasing or buying EVs.

- Special lower electricity rates are available for EV drivers.  These lower rates apply to the entire electric bill for the house or condo.

- Much less maintenance than internal combustion engine vehicles.  No oil changes, oil filters, and much less brake maintenance.

- No smog checks ever needed.


- Never need to go to the gas station.  EVs can be charged while you sleep and have full driving distance every day.

- Car pool sticker - Electric cars are eligible for a car pool sticker that allows the driver to use California HOV lanes without the required number of occupants.  Information about applying for the car pool sticker is at

- Automatic updates - New functionality and features without having to take the car in for service.

Environmentally Friendly

- Zero emissions - No greenhouse gases or fine particulate matter is produced.  EVs have no tailpipe.

- Recyclable - Electric cars are made from materials, such as aluminum, that can be easily recycled.  The cars are also made from recycled materials.   Used electric car and hybrid car batteries are being used for electricity storage by utilities and recycled into consumer AA and AAA size batteries.

- Less brake dust to pollute the bay and streams.  Regenerate braking reduces the use of the traditional friction brakes.


- Zero emissions, no fine particulates to harm lungs & heart

- No exposure to the carcinogens in petroleum fuels

- Better Complexion  - A dermatology study has linked facial age spots in women to traffic pollution.  EVs do not produce traffic pollution.